The concept of Mindfulness is gaining more and more traction inside and outside of the business world and the empirical evidence is in its favor. Yet, many of my clients and colleagues struggle to find the “business-focused” message they can take away from articles and seminars on the value of Mindfulness.

In that spirit, here are 5 things that you can do to benefit from Mindfulness at work:

1. Try a Mindfulness exercise every day – Even a quick few minutes each day with a simple exercise like this one can help you to recharge, reset, and become more aware of the present. This will in turn make you better at embracing the challenges of your job.

2. Take time to reflect before you act – Whether it is pausing to focus for a minute before heading to a meeting, or spending 20 minutes on Sunday evening thinking about your upcoming week, taking time to prepare mentally will increase your ability to stay more in the moment when key events occur.

3. Accept your stress and make it work for you – The stress you are feeling can actually help you in the same way that exercise can make you feel more energized and alert. When you take time to acknowledge your stress and consider it in a way that can positively help you, it will become another tool to help you accomplish your goals.

4. Work on your humility – a big part of Mindfulness is accepting who you are and paying attention to the people around you so that you can listen and learn from others. This works better when you have a humble attitude and show that you value other people and their ideas.

5. Remember to be grateful – Similarly, actively showing gratitude to others will improve your relationships at work and also help you to maintain a more positive attitude throughout the course of the day.

Yes! Lots of execs struggle with #strategy not for lack of creatvity, but because they can't say No to great ideas.

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