Every so often I see a satirical article that completely nails something profound along its way to humor. This was the case when I cam across an Onion article about a COO demanding that his people figure out a way to implement a relaxed and friendly work environment by the end of the week. This priceless quote from the article pretty much sums it up: “I don’t care how you make this a laid-back, fun place to work, just get it done, and get it done fast.” Even knowing this is a comedy article, it really rings true.

This kind of inconsistency also present that when organizations claim to be dedicated to both preserving cultural fit, while also pursuing diversity. As this spot-on article points out, companies usually end up sacrificing their desire for diversity along the road to maintaining their cultural fit. Even well-intentioned measures that are undertaken to make sure that employees share the same values and commitment to success, can strongly curtail the kind of workplace diversity  There are dozens of

1. Being inconsistent in their messaging – If you are telling your people one thing, but obviously valuing another thing either explicitly or less overly through compensation or promotions, etc. If you say that value or measure something, then this should be what you are rewarding your people for.

Yes! Lots of execs struggle with #strategy not for lack of creatvity, but because they can't say No to great ideas. https://lnkd.in/gwStgbn

The Resulting Fallacy Is Ruining Your Decisions http://nautil.us/issue/55/trust/the-resulting-fallacy-is-ruining-your-decisions via @NautilusMag -- Especially good read for lame poker players like me!

First book I finished of the New Year was Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None after a challenge from my daughter. Super satisfying -- here's a link to peak your interest. http://bit.ly/2CFG0M4

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